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(Flat fee for scope of work listed below + hourly rate for additional iterations or research beyond scope)



“SCOPE OF WORK” defines deliverables which are included in the design concept fee, detailed as follows:

  • Design Concept
    (delivered via meeting or video conference and a schematic guideline document. These contain digital mood boards as well as products such as furniture, fixtures, finishes, wall decoration and accessories).
  • Space and Furniture Plan
    (scaled furniture plans by DESIGNER require up-to-date plans and elevations from architect or contractor. Professional recommendation can be provided to contract plan creation if not currently available)
  • Digital Inspiration and Product Resource (PINTEREST page featuring active links to all products featured in design concept)
  • Review of construction set with feedback as needed to represent CLIENT and Design Concept intention
  • Review RCP/ MEP to provide guidance for optimal placement of electrical boxes and outlets (to accommodate light fixtures relative to floor plan, TV placement, work space, task lighting, etc.)
  • Review of contractor-proposed range of windows, cabinets, plumbing fixtures and hardware
  • Material and Finish schedules:
    • Consult with contractor to recommend wood, tile, stone and other finish selections throughout
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       Populate paint schedule (based on CLIENT-approved samples) including finish quality (to be confirmed for suitability by contractor)
    •  Architect/Contractor to provide template for all schedules to be completed.
    • Architect, Contractor or CLIENT to provide dollar allowance called out for each spec as a guideline. Costs for initial Designer research toward selection of above materials is included in the SCOPE OF WORK.
  • Designer will provide no more than two iterations of initial design concept, space plan and material specifications. Revisions beyond this number will be considered outside the SCOPE OF WORK and will fall under new terms
  • Work to be carried out by Pansy Bayou Studio Director, approved sub-contractors with oversight by Pansy Bayou Founder and Creative Director


(33% commission based on discounted trade price of goods (when available) + hourly rate for additional iterations or research beyond initial scope)

Prepare budget based on approved schematic design. Present budget and design documents (Design Set) to CLIENT for approval. Design Set includes:

Approved concept and furniture plan

Digital Inspiration and Product Resource (PINTERST page featuring active links to all budgeted products)

·Request payment for specifications plus fees and begin purchasing:

-Prepare and proof all purchase orders

-Re-confirm suitability and fit before finalizing all purchases
(Consult MEP and other architectural documents as needed)

-Re-review lead times upon purchasing and select appropriate “ship to” based upon use and timing

-Liaise with site supervisor for items required at job site

Liaise with receiving warehouse to confirm all items received and side marked in good order (Purchasing by designer requires use of a local receiving and storage facility)




(Hourly rate for initial meeting and concept presentation + 33% commission based on trade discount cost)

  • Design window treatments including material selection
  • Propose custom pillows, upholstery
  • Purchase fabrics and arrange for delivery (and additional fabric treatments) if applicable
  • Arrange subcontractor site visit, review estimates and service offerings
  • DESIGNER to arrange proper installation by experienced professional